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Asynchronous Decorators using GPars

Using the example code in Panini for inspiration. Here is a Groovy version that avoids using an @AddedBehavior annotation at the expense of not having as general an algorithm for selecting the methods to decorate. This isn't a limitation of the particular approach chosen but just a simplification for illustrative purposes (but don't assume below is an exact equivalent).

Code Block

import static groovyx.gpars.GParsPool.withPool

interface Document {
    void print()
    String getText()

class DocumentImpl implements Document {
    def document
    void print() { println document }
    String getText() { document }

def words(String text) {
    text.replaceAll(/[^a-zA-Z]/, ' ').trim().split(/\s+/)*.toLowerCase()

def avgWordLength = {
    def words = words(it.text)
    sprintf "Avg Word Length: %4.2f", words*.size().sum() / words.size()
def modeWord = {
    def wordGroups = words(it.text).groupBy {it}.collectEntries{ k, v -> [k, v.size()] }
    def maxSize = wordGroups*.value.max()
    def maxWords = wordGroups.findAll{ it.value == maxSize }
    "Mode Word(s): ${maxWords*.key.join(', ')} ($maxSize occurrences)"
def wordCount = { d -> "Word Count: " + words(d.text).size() }

def asyncDecorator(Document d, Closure c) {
    ProxyGenerator.INSTANCE.instantiateDelegate([print: {
        withPool {
            def result = c.callAsync(d)
            println result.get()
    }], [Document], d)

Document d = asyncDecorator(asyncDecorator(asyncDecorator(
        new DocumentImpl(document:"This is the file with the words in it\n\t\nDo you see the words?\n"),
//        new DocumentImpl(document: new File('AsyncDecorator.groovy').text),
        wordCount), modeWord), avgWordLength)