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titleZipped Groovy-Eclipse update site for Eclipse 3.6 and 3.7

For Eclipse 3.6:

For Eclipse 3.7:

You can install from the zip by pointing your Eclipse update manager to the downloaded zip file and following the installation instructions.


Groovy-Eclipse will now suggest some relevant content assist proposals when filling in the arguments for methods. The relevant proposals will be based on the inferred type of local variables and fields that are in the scope of the newly inserted method proposal. For example:

In the previous imagescreenshot above, the method declaration method(String, int) is added through content assist. For the first argument, it is suggested that either the variable y or the field s1 be inserted. This is because the types of these two instances are inferred to be compatible with the type of the first parameter to method (i.e., they are String}}s). Similar (but not shown), the second argument will show {{x and i1. This functionality is similar to the parameter guessing proposals available in the Java editor.


Distinguish read access from write access

When doing rreforming a find references action in the Groovy editor (CTRL-Shift-U on Windows/Linux), read occurrences are now highlighted differently from write occurrences: