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  • How to work with update commands?  Write side?  Is our idea valid?
  • How to test scalability?
  • How to deal with relations?
  • How to handle schema updates in the code?
  • How to make a versioned update like [update ... where oid = ... and version = 2] and then check how many documents were updated.
  • From version 1.7.5. journalling support is added. We hear mixed feedback about the maturity and the functionality of this journalling support, could you share your standpoints with us?
  • Is journalling support already at enterprise level, do they expect to improve the support?
  • When journalling is enabled, is a repair still needed in case of a immediate shutdown (kill -9)?
  • Are there best practices for cluster configuration? Like what time interval should you specify between master and slaves?
  • the getLastError command seems to be very important for validating that a fsync has been performed or the a x number of slaves have been synchronized. Is that also emphasized at MongoSF?

Is this valid code to implement locking?

Code Block

WriteResult writeResult = manager.getDbCollection().update(query, update, false, false, WriteConcern.SAFE);    
if (writeResult.getError()!=null || writeResult.getN()!=1) {      
  throw new RuntimeException("locking failure: "+transactable);