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Comment: Post a Maven "workaround" that I used to get the examples to work. I'm not an expert in this library and didn't fully test it; 3.0.4 is in maven central and may be more compatible with 3.0.1 if anyone has problems with 3.1.0


The sources can be found here : XML-RPC.
For a binary download, go to the repository.
If you are using maven to download your dependencies, you won't find all the dependencies in the Maven 2 Repo yet.
The missing dependency (smack) can be manually downloaded from here.
If you are using POMs, the following workaround can be used, to use smack 3.1.0 instead of 3.0.1:

Code Block

	<!-- The version of smack is NOT in Maven central -->
<!-- So, we define our own smack dependency -->

Sample scripts

  • Confluence Example showing how to download a secured Confluence page.
  • Another example inspired by Glen's Confluence example:
    Code Block
    def c = new XMLRPCServerProxy("")
    def token = c.confluence1.login("your_username","your_password")
    // print all the code snippets from the Groovy Home page
    def page = c.confluence1.getPage(token, "Groovy", "Home")
    def incode = false
    def separator = '////////////////////////////////////'
        if (it =~ /\{code\}/) {
            incode = !incode
            if (incode) println separator
        if (incode) print it
    println separator
    Which results in (at least around December 2007) the following:
    Code Block
    def name='World'; println "Hello $name!"
    class Greet {
      def name
      Greet(who) { name = who[0].toUpperCase() +
                          who[1..-1] }
      def salute() { println "Hello $name!" }
    g = new Greet('world')  // create object
    g.salute()              // Output "Hello World!"
    import static org.apache.commons.lang.WordUtils.*
    class Greeter extends Greet {
      Greeter(who) { name = capitalize(who) }
    new Greeter('world').salute()
    groovy -e "println 'Hello ' + args[0]" World