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This section will be filled in with notes on the GeoGitFacade class; currently he design is straight forward.

Code Block

package org.geotools.jdbc.versioning.geogit;

public class GeoGITFacade {      
    public GeoGITFacade(GeoGIT ggit) {    }    
    protected ObjectId insertAndAdd(Feature f) throws Exception {    }        
    public Feature getFeature(String id){    }           
    public Collection<FeatureType> getFeatureTypes(){        }           
    public Collection<FeatureType> getFeatureTypeForFeature(String featureId, String revisionId){ }    
    protected ObjectId insert(Feature f) throws Exception { }    
    protected void insertAndAdd(Feature... features) throws Exception {  }        
    protected void close() throws Exception {    }    
    protected void insert(Feature... features) throws Exception {    }    
    protected boolean deleteAndAdd(Feature f) throws Exception {    }    
    protected boolean delete(Feature f) throws Exception {    }   
    public String toString() {    }       
    public SimpleFeatureCollection getLog(String fromVersion, String toVersion, FeatureType featureType, Filter filter, Integer maxRows) throws Exception{                   }       
    private SimpleFeature feature(SimpleFeatureType type, String id, Object... values)            throws ParseException {         }        
    private void processFilter(Filter filter, FeatureType featureType, LogOp logOp) throws OperationNotSupportedException {    }    
    public void commit() throws Exception {    }

Director or Index BLOB

GeoGit contents is pretty unstructured (as expected for a pile of BLOBS). We should look into supporting:


Any code (such as a reader) that needed access to JDBCDataStore could now do so with a single line of code:

Code Block
     if( count > getJDBCDataStore().fetchSize){