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Howto perform a final release


  • Install JDK 5 and let JAVA_HOME environment variable point to it.
  • Enable access to the Codehaus Nexus repository as described at Howto configure maven release settings.
  • Once configured, make sure that you check out a fresh copy of Castor from SVN.
  • Generate a PGP key pair for yourself and distribute the public key as described at How to generate PGP signatures with Maven . The PGP signature is used to sign the released jars so others know they are valid.

To deploy a final release, simply execute:

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> mvn clean release:prepare

This will:

  • check that your project does not contain uncommitted changes
  • set version to final release
  • tag release in SVN
  • check out tagged release into a separate folder
  • build new release checked out before
  • set version to new snapshot release

If anything goes wrong, take care to undo changes of prepare by executing:

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> mvn release:rollback

If everything worked as expected you have to execute:

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> mvn release:perform

This will upload new final release to nexus staging directory.

To push the new release to maven repository you have to go to nexus for confirmation.