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A note about gant: the gant launcher is meant for standalone gant installation. To use gant installed into your groovy installation (e.g. by groovy windows installer) use the renamed groovy executable as described above.


The source code repository for the native launcher module is at get the sources please see the native launcher git repository.

The executables are compiled using SCons. For Windows there is a SCons installer that can be used after having installed Python - The SCons build framework is written in Python. SCons is part of Cygwin and can be installed using the usual installer. The same goes for MacPorts on Mac OS X, though there is a disk image installer as well. For Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, SuSE, etc. SCons is packages and so the usual package management can be used to install. The build has only been tested with SCons 0.98 and greater, it may not work with earlier versions of SCons.


The launcher will print debug info to stderr, among other things how it obtained the locations of groovy and java installations. 

Compiling on windows

On Windows you can either compile with the Microsoft cl compiler and linker or you can use GCC, either the MinGW version of the Cygwin version.