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A simple user management library. Contains a simple user model and a couple of DAOs, profile and password management components. Current dao implementations are hibernate-based. Should happily replace OSUser.

Berkano-user was started long ago, then re-used once I got disapointed with osuser. Still has a couple of old classes or ideas here and there, needs clean up and polishing.

User management

Berkano-user defines a couple of interface for users, groups, permissions, membership management. Much like os-user does, but maybe with a more "modern" architecture.
All these are based on the principles of IoC, using CDI (constructor dependency injection). I'm personally using PicoContainer, but I believe Spring or any other ioc container should be usable as well.
You will need to declare the implementations you want to use to your container.
There is currently a single implementation, which is based on Hibernate.
Foreseen implementations could be JDO(is this still alive?), EJB3 (maybe the Hibernate implementation could fulfill both needs?), plain SQL(do we really want to maintain this?), LDAP, and delegators to application servers' authentication APIs.
User Datamodel
Berkano User UI for WebWork provides an UI for this.

User Preferences

Berkano-user defines simple interfaces to define the preferences that an application wants to expose to the end-user, ie what properties s/he can freely modify to suit his needs.
Read more.
Berkano User UI for WebWork provides an UI for this purpose.


Berkano-user also defines interfaces and a couple of implementations for