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Site Plugin


The site plugin is configured by the contents of the src/site directory.

  • src/site
    • apt
      • welcome.apt
    • fml
      • faq.fml
    • resources
      • css
        • site.css
      • images
        • logo.jpg
      • favicon.ico
      • plain.html
    • xdoc
      • about.xml
    • site.xml (site descriptor)

Each file in the source folders (apt, fml, xdoc) is processed by the site plugin and results in an html document being placed in the target/site directory.

Use caution: when using the Reporting Plugins, the Index generates a file named index.html for your project. If you create a page named index.apt (in the apt directory), index.fml (in the fml directory), index.xml (in the xdoc directory), then you will pre-empt the Index report from creating the default index.html.

More info about the site descriptor is available in the mini-guide to creating a site and at the site for maven-site-plugin. If you want to know more (like the poweredBy element, for example), you can dive into the Velocity file used for the default site...