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Module Maintainer:

Ian Turton



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Email Help:


IP Review:


Gold Star Quality Assurance Check

(red star) IP Check: not done
(red star) Releasable: no blocking issues, but feedback from potential users is appreciated
(red star) Quality Assurance: not measured
(red star) Stability: No planned API changes
(red star) Supported: Some examples are available, there is nobody to watch the user list or answer email.

Recent Development

Michael Bedward has just begun (26 Feb 09) going through the JMapPane code with the aim of making it easier to use, more flexible and properly documented. To start with these changes will just made on trunk.

IP Review

IP review is underway - known issue:

Outstanding Issues

The module maintainer will take care of assigning these issues to developers:

JIRA Issues

Module Status

Being reworked on trunk.

Documentation and Examples

Many of the examples in the User Guide use module to show you something visual on screen:

For raw source code examples look at demo-mappane: