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provides a convenient builder API for complex HTTP requests

. It is built on top of Apache HttpClient. The project home page includes full documentation and downloads.

Note that the example below works for HTTPBuilder version 0.5.0-RC2. In prior versions, the uri property was called url. Also note that @Grab dependency management requires Groovy 1.6 or later. More information may be found here.

Example: HTTP GET, automatically parsed as a JSON response.

Code Block
@Grab(group='org.codehaus.groovy.modules.http-builder', module='http-builder', version='0.5.0-RC2' )
import static*
import static*

def http = new HTTPBuilder( '' )

// perform a GET request, expecting JSON response data
http.request( GET, JSON ) {
  uri.path = '/ajax/services/search/web'
  uri.query = [ v:'1.0', q: 'Calvin and Hobbes' ]

  headers.'User-Agent' = 'Mozilla/5.0 Ubuntu/8.10 Firefox/3.0.4'

  // response handler for a success response code:
  response.success = { resp, json ->
    println resp.statusLine

    // parse the JSON response object:
    json.responseData.results.each {
      println "  ${it.titleNoFormatting} : ${it.visibleUrl}"

  // handler for any failure status code:
  response.failure = { resp ->
    println "Unexpected error: ${resp.statusLine.statusCode} : ${resp.statusLine.reasonPhrase}"