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Groovy on Android (DiscoBot project)

Currently, Groovy is not able to run properly on Google's Android mobile platform. A first GSoC project (nicknamed DiscoBot), started porting Groovy to Android, but performance wasn't there (20s to startup a simple Hello World). The goal of this GSoC project is to work with the Groovy core team and the other contributors of the DiscoBot project, towards the goal of making any Groovy program to run on the Android platform well, so that apps for such mobile phone can be written fully in Groovy.

Possible mentors: Jochen Theodorou or Guillaume Laforge, or one of the contributors of DiscoBot

Rewrite the Groovy grammar to Antlr 3

Groovy's grammar is based on Antlr 2.7, but we would like to move to a newer version of Antlr. However, the migration is not seemless and transparent, so it would be a great opportunity to do a better clean room re-implementation of the Groovy grammar. A new grammar would be cleaner, easier to work with, especially as various IDE tools help author Antlr 3 grammars better than the previous versions.