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There are minor changes needed to migrate your panels and listener to Izpack IzPack 5.

Panel migration

  • Panels are now instantiated by PicoContainer Singletons so there is no fixed constructor anymore. You can have any installation component injected in your panel simply by adding it as a constructor parameter. One direct usage is the suppression of singleton components (like ResourceManager) which are now simply injected.
  • Separate your panels in different packages. When merged, all classes in the same package of the panel are added to the installer.
  • InstallData has been renamed to GUIInstallData


  • Changes in the listener syntax
    • Available attributes are not installer, compiler and uninstall anymore
    • Now, you specify the classname and the stage of the listener
  • native libraries are now specified in a natives element, e.g.:
<native type="izpack" name="ShellLink.dll"/
<native type="izpack" name="ShellLink_x64.dll"/>