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This is a large project and quite difficult.  But, it is also very important.  Fixing formatting-related bugs is highly requested.  Since this project is more complicated, it may be worthwhile that two students work on this together.

See here for a list of open formatter issues:.

Project 2: Quick fixes and quick assists


Groovy-Eclipse implements some of the basic refactorings: rename, extract local variable, extract constant, and extract method.  The latter has some particular problems, but works in basic cases.  This lack of refactorings is one of Groovy-Eclipse's weaknesses.  To be a full fledged language IDE, we should be offering a wider range of refactorings, including (but not limited to): introduce parameter, change method signature , and convert local variable to field.  Also, some Groovy-specific refactorings like extract to category, push from category, and convert to explicit typing.

This project is more difficult than implementing quick fixes/assists since each refactoring requires significant custom work, but there are existing refactorings on which to base the new work.  See here for a list of open refactoring issues.

Project 4: New AST Viewer