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What is Griffon

Griffon is a Grails like an application framework for developing desktop applications in the JVM, with Groovy being the primary language of choice. Inspired by Grails, Griffon follows the Convention over Configuration paradigm, paired with an intuitive MVC architecture and a command line interface. Griffon also follows the spirit of the Swing Application Framework (JSR 296), it defines a simple yet powerful application life cycle and event publishing mechanism. Another interesting feature comes from the Groovy language itself: automatic property support and property binding (inspired by BeansBinding (JSR 295)), which makes creating observable beans and binding to their properties a snap! As if property binding was not enough Groovy's SwingBuilder also simplifies building multi-threaded applications, say goodbye to the ugly gray rectangle (the bane of Swing apps)!


The Griffon framework is extensible via Plugins. There are many to choose from. For example you'll find plugins for 3rd party Swing components like Swingx, Jide and Macwidgets; persistence related plugins like DataSource, GSQL, Ebean and Db4o Hibernate among others; 3D graphics and animation support is possible via JOGL, LWJGL and Processing. And many more!

Griffon also supports additional UI toolkits like JavaFX and SWT.

Learn all about the Groovy Ecosystem at GR8Conf

If you're interested in all those great technologies of the Groovy ecosystem, including Grails, Gradle, Griffon, Spock, Gaelyk, and more, be sure to join the Groovy fans at the GR8Conf conference which takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark, on June 6th - 8th. GR8Conf is an affordable conference dedicated to that ecosystem, where you'll learn about the latest novelties and development of those Groovy-powered technologies by the makers themselves, and where you'll have a chance to network with the Groovy users out there.


  • Download - links to the latest stable release, you can also find previous releases
  • Documentation - links to other projects related to Griffon (Builders and Plugins for example) and other documentation sources