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  • generators / for comprehensions / continuation-passing /  etc brainstorming


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titleA Groovy 1.8 compatible fib generator
def fib = { 
    def state = [a:0, b:1 ]
    state.with {
            next: {
                (a,b) = [b, a+b]
            hasNext: {
        ] as Iterator
for (x in fib()) { println x }


  • Groovy module contributions
    • how to share and reuse contributed modules easily
    • discuss with the Grails team to see how they're handling their plugins portal
      • and see how Andres is handling that within Griffon
      • Gradle is also interested in some Gradle plugins portal
      • is there some common base or collaboration possible that would suit everybody?
    • things to consider
      • a module should be one @Grab away
        • somehow uploaded to Maven Central?
        • is there a way to reuse the Groovy Modules Codehaus project
      • perhaps some modules can be part of the distribution
        • but if yes, what are the criteria
      • how to assert that modules work with various Groovy versions
        • and how to ensure that a new Groovy version doesn't break modules
        • some CI solution?
      • how to deal with sources? github vs codehaus groovy modules repo
      • nice gradle template build that would care of the uploading to Codehaus Groovy Modules
        • that could also test with various groovy versions
        • contributors can have their repositories anywhere