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Griffon also supports additional UI toolkits like JavaFX and SWT.

Learn all about the Groovy Ecosystem at GR8Conf

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If you're interested in all those great technologies of the Groovy ecosystem, including Grails, Gradle, Griffon, Spock, Gaelyk, and more, be sure to join the Groovy fans at the GR8Conf conference which takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark, on June 6th - 8th. GR8Conf is an affordable conference dedicated to that ecosystem, where you'll learn about the latest novelties and development of those Groovy-powered technologies by the makers themselves, and where you'll have a chance to network with the Groovy users out there.

Where do I start?

  • Download - links to the latest stable release, you can also find previous releases
  • Documentation - links to other projects related to Griffon (Builders and Plugins for example) and other documentation sources