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This section is used to make sure your proposal is complete (did you remember documentation?) and has enough paid or volunteer time lined up to be a success


no progress






lack mandate/funds/time


volunteer needed

  1. JD: Update the documentation for checkout and build (can use the uDig docs as a good starting point for this)
    • Try out the docs using the official github fork
  2. JD: Update the developers guide with a note about pull requests; and any other requirements:
    • a quick primer for people with sample commands for common tasks
    • a list of git does and donts, ie don't rebase on a public branch, etc... 
    • line endings figured out re Bens comment
  3. JD: Update the build procedure:
    • Maven: a way to get git revision info from the build...
    • Hudson: update the scripts to pull from git
  4. JD: Transition the repository
    Contact July 1st Weekend 
    • (tick) Contact github about the size of the repository; uDig experience shows this will be fine - but it is good to ask.Can we can start
    • Set up a GeoTools organisation (PSC members as group owners), with a group for commiter
    • (tick) Do westart from the official github fork? Or do  YES (If we need to go back and pull more history?
    • Turn off the old repository; create an Track issue for OSGeo SAC
    • grab anything else we will do so on request)
    • (warning) Make the old repository read only
    • Turn on github
  5. JD: Transition comitters
    • Grab the commuter comitter list from OSGeo servers; send out an email asking for github IDs
    • Create GeoTools PSC and GeoTools Committers Groups (uDig organisation is an example here)
    • Add github IDs as appropriate
  6. Transition the build machinery
    • hudson configuration
    • release scripts
  7. JG: Release 8.0-RC3 form the new repository to show we made it
    • Update any of justin's automated scripts
    • Update the how to cut a release page in the docs