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Table of Contents

Requirements and Installation


A. Yes. All of your Groovy unit tests can be run using the standard JUnit launcher.

Q. Is there any integration with Maven



A. Yes, but there is some extra configuration that you need to do. See Getting GMaven to play nicely with Groovy-Eclipse. We have also raised a few bugs in the GMaven bug repository: GMaven-58 and GMaven-55.  There are two options: GMaven and the groovy-eclipse-compiler.  Each has different advantages. See the full discussion at Groovy-Eclipse compiler plugin for Maven.

Q. Does it support the AST transformations included with Groovy?


A. Basic debugging works as it does in Java.  You can set a line breakpoint by double clicking on the gutter marker next to where you want the breakpoint to go.  You can right click to enable/disable the breakpoint.  You can edit the breakpoint properties to make it a conditional breakpoint (conditions must be specified in Java and may require explicit casting).  The instruction pointer will stop at breakpoints, and you can use the standard step into, step over, and step outcommands from Java.  The variables window will show all variables that are in scope, just like when in Java.  However, you will find that some of the runtime types of the variables are not what you may expect.  For example, variables declared inside closures will be of type groovy.lang.Reference.  Method entry and class loading breakpoints are not yet supported.

If you want a more complete debugging experience, you should install the Grails Tooling, which also includes some enhanced debugging capabilities for Groovy code.  Grails Tooling provides support for evaluating code snippets in the context of the currently executing program.  This allows the display view, the expressions view, and inline evaluations to work as expected.  See New Groovy Debug Support in STS 2.5.1.

Q. Where is the Groovy Console?


Q. What are the open bugs?

A. See below:

JIRA Issues