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Thank you for coming to this page. We are sorry if you are experiencing difficulties with the Jikes RVM. While we do our best to test and debug Jikes RVM, with so much variety of hardware and configurations it may be that we've missed something. This is where you can make a contribution to Jikes RVM by just telling us what isn't working.


Once you have checked that your issue has n't not been reported before, create a new issue by following the instructions in JIRA and completing the following checklist:

  1. Give a clear but succinct summary, as this is the title JIRA will assign to your issue.
  2. If possible, state which components of Jikes RVM exhibit the problem, e.g., if you problem is specific to one particular garbage collector or compiler.
  3. State which Clearly identify the environment the problem occurs in:
    1. The version of Jikes RVM which exhibits the problem
    1. (If you select the hg tip as a version, please also copy & paste the output of hg identify into the Environment field.)
    In the Environment field, state which
    1. The build/target host (ia32-linux, x86_64-osx, etc.) and configuration (production, prototype-opt, etc.) you have used when building the RVM
    1. The operating system/distribution and kernel version (Copy & paste the output of uname -a into the Environment field.)
  4. Describe both the problem and the circumstances under which it the problem occurs.

Please provide enough information that we can reproduce the error. At the very least, give the exact command line used to run the RVM. If you are running a workload which does not stem from a well-known benchmarks suite (the DaCapo benchmarks, SPECjvm, etc.), please provide us with a download URI for your workload, so that we can run it ourselves.