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IzPack offers the possibility to set a list of default installation directories depending on the target installation platform. When the compiled installer is executed IzPack chooses the one matching the assigned platform.

This can be achieved by explicitely explicitly setting variables with the prefix: TargetPanel.dir. IzPack recognizes this as built-in variable which can be user-modified.


  • aix
  • debian_linux
  • fedora_linux
  • freebsd
  • hp_ux
  • linux
  • mac
  • mac_osx
  • mandrake_linux
  • mandriva_linux
  • os_2
  • red_hat_linux
  • sunos
  • sunos_x86
  • sunos_sparc
  • suse_linux
  • unix
  • ubuntu_linux
  • windows
  • windows_7
  • windows_xp
  • windows_2003
  • windows_vista

The DEFAULT_INSTALL_PATH variable is initialised to <PARENT_DIRECTORY>/$APP_NAME where <PARENT_DIRECTORY> is determined by:

OSParent Directory
WindowsProgramFiles environment variable
Mac OSX/Applications
Others/usr/local/ if writeable, or System.getProperty("user.home") if not

Differences from 4.3.6

The range of values the variable can have has been significantly enhanced.For 5.0 a better approach would be to use Platform to determine the appropriate variable (see , as per IZPACK-829).

Differences between 4.3.5 and 4.3.6