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Web Service

Possible Actions

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  • authenticate


  • get a list of events from a project
  • get a list of global events
  • create an event
  • get the logged in user's list of favourites
  • create a favourite
  • delete a favourite
Favourites, Filters
  • get the list of all the plugins installed on the Sonar instance
Update Center
  • get a list of manual measures
  • create a manual measure
  • delete a manual measure
Manual Measures
  • get a list of metrics
  • create a metric
  • update a metric
  • delete a metric


  • delete a project
Project Settings
  • get the list of coding rules activated in a quality profile
  • backup a quality profile
  • restore a quality profile
Quality Profiles
  • get a list of properties
  • create a property
  • update a property
  • delete a property
  • get a list of resources
  • get the measures of a list of metrics on a given resource
  • get a list of reviews
  • create a review
  • update a review (add comment, reassign it, etc.)
  • get a list of rules
Quality Profiles
  • get the status of the Sonar server.
  • get a list of lines from source files
  • get the system properties, server info (Java, OS), database configuration, JVM statistics and installed plugins
  • get a list of lines from source files
  • get past measures
Time Machine
  • get a list of user properties
  • create a user property
  • update a user property
  • delete a user property
  • upgrade Sonar database
  • get a list of violations on a given resource