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SwingXBuilder uses Gradle as its build tool.


Current release



Drop swingxbuilder-0.2 4 into $GROOVY_HOME/lib along with its dependencies


Code Block



Code Block
repositories {
    mavenRepo name: 'Codehaus', urls: ''

dependencies {
    compile 'org.codehaus.griffon:swingxbuilder:0.23'


Groovy 1.8.6 8 is the required minimum version to run SwingXBuilder 0.23
Previous versions of SwingXBuilder will run with earlier versions of Groovy, it is recommended that you upgrade to the 1.8.x series in order to take advantage of


0.1.1 is compiled against the SwingLabs 16 Sep 2007 build a Make sure those jars are on your path, including the ones in the lib directory.
0.1.2 and 0.1.3 are using SwingX 0.9 release build
0.1.5 uses the SwingX 0.9.1 release build, and ships with the Windows installer for Groovy 1.5.0.
0.1.6 uses the SwingX 0.9.5 release build.
0.1.7 uses SwingX 1.6.1
0.2 uses SwingX 1.6.3 and Groovy 1.8.6
0.3 uses SwingX 1.6.4 and Groovy 1.8.8