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Best practices and guidelines to know
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Best Practices

  • As you've already read in the requirements, your solution must be compiled before running a Sonar analysis. However, please note that Sonar's primary goal is to analyse source code, so everything has been made to work seamlessly right after the compilation of a solution and before any packaging made by a build process. In other words, if you have build processes that move the compiled DLL or executables and package your application, it is definitely best to run Sonar before those steps (or in a separate process) otherwise you may run into troubles with over-complicated configuration of the C# plugins.
  • It is best to run the analysis from within the folder that contains the SLN file, in order to simplify the configuration of the C# plugins (e.g.: in such case, you do not need to tell where to find the SLN file).

Running a Sonar Analysis with the Sonar Runner (Recommended Way)