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  • GroovyRules is a JSR-94 compliant lightweight rules engine that permits defining rules in Groovy
  • PLEAC-Groovy is an implementation of the Solutions of the Perl Cookbook in the Groovy language.
  • FreeMind is a mindmapping tool that supports scripting mindmaps with Groovy. Furthermore, the Groovy compiler can produce a visual representation of Groovy code as a FreeMind *.mm file. Start the compiler with the -Dantlr.ast=mindmap option.
  • Funkee is a Groovy Scripting Host that shows a nice little smiley on your desktop that you can click to open a Groovy source code editor, or for running Groovy scripts, as well as other scripting languages.
  • GAQ is a lightweight framework for developing, scheduling, running and reviewing automated tasks. It combines the scripting ease of Groovy, the power of Ant, and the cross platform scheduling of Quartz.
  • Luxor XUL is an XUL language extension that comes with Groovy Support.
  • Hierarchical Inherited Rule-Interpreted XML is a dynamic XML Engine that creates dynamic DOMs built on dynamic rules and expressions where Groovy is available to be used as the expression interpreter.
  • JFacets: the Profile Based framework, proposes a clean and consistent solution to the recurrent "user profiling" issues (users/roles, security, personalization etc) through the concept of facets, that can be writen in Groovy
  • Grails Camelot: an Idea Repository, and a grails showcase.
  • Groovy MDA A model driven architecture tool that uses groovy. By default it can be used to generate JPA entity beans from a UML model. You can also easily add your own templates to generate other types of projects.
  • ORM Lite: a light ORM library in 1000 lines of Groovy code
  • mixGin: MixGin provides a fluent API for an easy interaction between groovy and java fragments within java code.Those code can be mixed arbitrarily, including automatic category detection and data access of variables declared in groovy within java and vice versa
  • Groovy Eclipse EMF Builder Jörn Dinkla's project for using the Eclipse Modeling Framework with Groovy.
  • Disk usage tool Jörn Dinkla's project for investigating the harddisk for usage information; based on Groovy and JFreeChart.
  • CHSM/Groovy allows concurrent, hierarchical, state machines to be constructed using Groovy markup for modeling and controlling reactive systems.
  • Market Data Works uses Groovy to customize and perform Market Data transformations.
  • Metawidget generates User Interfaces at runtime based on GroovyBean properties and annotations. Supports GWT, JSF, JSP, Spring, Struts, Swing and more.
  • TEAM CTHULHU's Plexus an open source, peer-to-peer, 3D game which uses Groovy, Free Pastry, and Sauerbraten
  • SimpleJPA with Groovy - SimpleJPA is a java persistence API layer for Amazon SimpleDB.
  • GPars (the project previously known as GParallelizer): allows Groovy code to easily handle tasks concurrently and in paralllel, leveraging JSR-166y's ForkJoin framework and Parallel Arrays, Java's executor services, JCSP, and other libraries. GPars is now bundled as standard with Groovy distributions.
  • Repast Simphony is a free and open source agent-based modeling toolkit that uses Groovy to simplify agent specification.
  • OpenCoeli : an Astronomy application written in Groovy
  • CodeNarc - Static Analysis for Groovy source code
  • AJAX Groovy Shell with a vt100.js interface
  • jlabgroovy  : a Matlab-like scientific programming environment based on Groovy with extensive plotting support, access to Java scientific libraries and user-friendly user interface
  • SexScripts allows creation and share of erotic-oriented scripts made with Groovy and running in a Swing application (including a Groovy editor)
  • GrooScript converts groovy code to javascript.