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  1. Catchy visual demos -
  2. Concurrent Sudoku solver -
  3. A Webservice demo -
  4. Screencasts to explain GPars use
  5. Make additional Groovy collection processing methods parallel - 
  6. Benchmarking
  7. Experiment with comet in Grails -
  8. Concurrency gotchas -
  9. Tweak CodeNarc rules -
  10. Revisit the codebase and fix CodeNarc-reported issues -
  11. Update the gradle build script so that dependant jar files get downloaded automatically before they get zipped into a file -

You are only a few easy steps away from being able to start:

  1. Clone the source repository - git clone
  2. Checkout the master branch - git checkout master
  3. Build the project to make sure everything works for you - gradlew clean build
  4. Create an IDEA or Eclipse project files through gradlew idea or gradlew eclipse commands
  5. Open the project in IDEA or Eclipse

Please refer to  Developer Zone for details on how to open up the project in an IDE.