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  • resizable : takes yes or no and indicates whether the window size can be changed or not.
  • width : Sets the initial window width
  • height : Sets the initial window height.
  • splash: This element specifies the path to the image to be used a a splash screen. The path is relative to the installation root.The image can be any bitmap format such as png, jpg, jpeg, gif or bmp.

Look and Feel

The look and feel can be specified on a per-OS basis. For instance you can use the native look and feels on Win32 and OS X but use a third-party one on Unix-like platforms. To do that, you have to add some <laf> child elements to the <guiprefs> element.:


  • Kunststoff: kunststoff
  • Liquid: liquid
  • Metouia: metouia
  • JGoodies Looks: looks
  • Substance: substance
  • Windows: windows
  • Aqua: aqua
  • Metal: metal

If you don't specify a look and feel for a particular operating system, then the default native one will be used: Windows on Windows, Aqua on Mac OS X and Metal on the Unix-like variants.