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Description / Feature

To check code against rules provided by FindBugs.


This plugin is included in the Java Ecosystem.

It uses FindBugs to provide coding rules.

SonarQube Java Plugin





  1. Install the FindBugs plugin through the Update Center or download it into the SONAR_HOME/extensions/plugins directory from the Java Ecosystem page
  2. Restart the Sonar server


In the quality profile, activate some rules from FindBugs and run a Sonar an analysis on your project.

titleCompiled code

FindBugs requires the compiled classes to run.

Make sure that you compile your source code with debug information on (to get the line numbers in the Java bytecode). Debug is usually on by default unless you're compiling with Ant, in which case, you will need to turn it on explicitly. If the debug information is not available, the issues raised by FindBugs will be displayed at the beginning of the file because the correct line numbers were not available.