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  • The community helps you more easily, as well as the community benefits from the plugin
  • Free hosting in the subversion repository
  • Use JIRA to track issues
  • Use Atlassian Bamboo for continuous integration
  • Use this wiki for the documentation
  • The plugin is available in Update Center, so users can install the plugin directly from the application

Request hosting

  1. Create an account at Codehaus
  2. Subscribe to
  3. Send e-mail to and tell us your Codehaus ID, so that we can give you a commit access to subversion github. You can request access rights to Nemo too.


  • The plugin must support Java 5. The Continuous Integration job uses Oracle JDK 1.5.
  • The plugin is built with Maven 2.2.* or 3.*.


When you utilize the forge, we request that you respect the following principles :

  1. Follow Best practices and Sonar Code Style.
  2. The copyright belongs to whoever wrote the plugin
  3. The license must be business friendly
  4. Follow the release process described bellow.

Maven POM

  • The directory name is the plugin name.
  • The groupId is 'org.codehaus.sonar-plugins' and artifactId is 'sonar-<name>-plugin'. For example the plugin "foo" is stored in the directory "foo" and its artifact id is "sonar-foo-plugin"
  • Set the following properties :

    Code Block
             The latest version can be found by looking at the tags starting with "parent-" 
      <name>Plugin name</name>
      <description>Plugin description</description>
        <name>My Organization</name>
  • Configure your pom by overriding values provided by parent - see Sonar Plugins Forge Parent POM. Default license is LGPL3.
  • Follow Maven POM Code Convention
  • Add the plugin to the main pom of the forge




Please send an email to the dev mailing list in order the plugin to be added to our Continuous Integration server.

How to



The release process is explained in this page.