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The "Author activity" widget (available since version 0.2) displays a stacked 3D bar chart about authors activities types : New files(green), modifications(blue) , deletions(red)


Grabbing stats for multiple periods

Since 0.2 the plugin allows the collection of SCM stats for multiple (1-3) periods. By default the plugin collects stats for the whole history ( sonar.scm-stats.period1 = 0 days ).
You can have different periods on a global or project level by setting the number of days prior to the current date that the plugin will collect scm stats.

For example to collect scm stats for the last month, enter a value of 30, for the last week a value of 7 etc.

The properties for period 2 ( sonar.scm-stats.period2 ) and  and period 3 ( sonar.scm-stats.period3 ) can  can have the value of zero(0) but the plugin will ignore it. In other words, whole history stats, will be collected only if sonar.scm-stats.period1 property is set to zero(0). Negative values are ignored for all periods.

You can edit widget properties by setting the period number (acceptable value are 1-3). By default each widget shows stats for period 1

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