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  • If you extend "org.sonar.sslr.toolkit.AbstractConfigurationModel", then make sure to override method "getCharset".
  • Migration to new Grammar API is highly recommended, because most likely old API will be marked as deprecated in next release and fully removed later. Tip on migration: create new grammar (all tests pass as they don't depend on this grammar), migrate tests for grammar (they should pass), migrate the rest (AST Visitors and so on).
  • Replace the calls to mock() by override("rule name"), do this before you change the names of all your rules
  • To refactor the previous rule names (camel case) to the enum naming convention (all caps and underscores), do: 1) For all rules, insert the underscores by using the Eclipse rename binding, 2) then, for all rules, apply the rename binding immediately followed by the "to upper case" one. Don't hesitate to commit in the middle in order to secure your changes, as Eclipse might go havoc...