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At any time, to run another local analysis, right-click on the project, then select Sonar > Run Local Analysis:

If some Sonar properties must be specifically passed to the local analysis, this can be achieved at 2 different levels:

  • At Eclipse level: in the "Sonar > Local analysis properties" panel of Eclipse preferences
    • Those properties will be passed to any local analysis run by Eclipse in "Local mode" 
  • At project level: in the "Sonar > Local analysis properties" panel of the project properties
    • Those additional properties will be added to the above ones, but only for analysis on the corresponding project
    • They may override properties defined at Eclipse level
titleExcluding Plugins

Some plugins (useless for a local analysis) can be skipped during the local analyses thanks to the 'sonar.dryRun.excludePlugins' property (Settings > Configuration > General Settings > General).

The default value is 'devcockpit,pdfreport,report,scmactivity,views'. For example, to skip the Build Stability plugin (due to, set the property to 'devcockpit,pdfreport,report,scmactivity,views,buildstability'.