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Comment: updated page to reflect that we won't take part in GSoC 2013

As in previous years, Jikes RVM will apply has applied to Google Summer of Code for funding for student projects.

The GSoC 2013 timeline has been published. The next date of importance is: Announcement of accepted mentoring organizations on April 8 2013 - 19:00 UTC

Our current task is to collate a set of interesting project proposals and encourage students to apply for GSoC. We can re-use ideas from previous proposals, or come up with totally new ideas.. We were not accepted as mentoring organization for GSoC in 2013.

Hints for students

The accepted mentoring organizations haven't been announced yet. However, it's not too early to read the Google Summer of Code documentation. Students You can still take part in GSoC and work for another mentoring organization. Students interested in GSoC should read at least the GSoC FAQ and Google's advice for students. There's also a lot of helpful information about GSoC that's provided by mentoring organizations and previous GSoC students (use your favorite search engine to find it).

We will likely apply for GSoC again next year.

Archived stuff that's no longer relevant for GSoC 2013

Hints for students specific to Jikes RVM

If the Jikes RVM project sounds like it could be a good fit for you, you can already start to get familiar with Jikes RVM. Checkout the source code and read the user guide. Build the Jikes RVM, run some tests and take a look at the codebase. You should have your development environment already set up before applying. Don't hesitate to ask on the mailing lists if you need help.