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  • layoutYStretchType | layoutXStretchType This is the type of stretch that will be applied. The IzPanelLayout manager permits stretch factors for controls to be specified. This means, that a control will be stretched if there is space in the line. The amount of stretching will be determined by the stretch factor. But what to do if the hole whole stretch factor for a line or column is not 1.0? To determine this these settings are exist. Valid values are
    • RELATIVE The values will be normalized ????
    • ABSOLUTE  The values will be used as they are. A part of the line will be clipped if the sum is greater than 1.0.
    • NO No stretch will be performed. 
  • layoutFullLineStretch | layoutFullColumnStretch There are controls which should be stretched. Beside fixed values there are the symbolic values FULL_LINE_STRETCH and FULL_COLUMN_STRETCH which are computed at layout. E.g. MultiLineLabels has this stretch factor for x direction. But what to do if a centered layout is chosen? With a control like this the lines will be stretch to the hole size. With this settings it can be changed. E.g. a factor of 0.7 creates a nice centered layout. The default is 1.0, valid are 0.0 up to 1.0.