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Comment: simplified jira sign up description


Dune to JIRA spam-bots you have to register with Codehaus Xircles before accessing the issue tracker. Follow these steps:

  1. Codehaus main page ->
  2. Xircles page ->
  3. Xircles signup
  4. Pick a username & write it down, also your passwordOpen the Xircles Signup page.
  5. Pick a username/password.
  6. Get the verification email and verify yourself.
  7. You are now logged into Note that there is no link to this page from the main page.
  8. In the top center of the page, do a search on "groovy" and click on the first result. You are now at
  9. In the left nav pane, click on JIRA. This takes you to
  10. In the Open the issue tracker (JIRA) page.
  11. In the upper-right corner, click "log in" (you must log into JIRA separately from Xircles).
  12. Use your Xircles username/password. You should now be logged into JIRA.