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When drilling down into measures, you will eventually reach the file level and will be able to browse the source code.

Sonar SonarQubeTM is shipped with 6 default tabs. Depending on the plugins you have installed, other tabs may be displayed.


  • The first column displays the number of unit tests covering the line (available since Sonar version 3.5, was the number of hits by unit tests in versions prior to 3.5)
  • The second one displays the number of covered conditions by unit tests out of the total number of conditions to cover

The features described below are available since Sonar version 3.5.

When clicking on a figure displayed in the first column, the unit tests covering this specific line are listed:


In case of a failure or an error, the reason is displayed:

Since Sonar version 3.5, it is also possible to the mapping of unit tests and covered code. The objective is to answer the following questions: