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  1. One Databaseto store:
    • the configuration of the SonarQube instance (security, plugins settings, etc.)
    • the quality snapshots of projects, views, etc.
  2. One Web Server for users to browse quality snapshots and configure the SonarQube instance
  3. One or severalmore Clients to analyze projects


  • The SonarQube platform cannot have more than one single web server and one single database.
  • For optimal performancesperformance, each component (Database, Web Server, Clients) should be installed on a dedicated machine. However, the Server and the Database can be installed on the same machine.
  • Client Clients will scale by adding machines.
  • The Database and the Clients must be located in the same network.
  • The Database and the Clients must not be installed on the same machine.

Installing the Database

Several database engines are supported.

To give it a quick try, you can stick with use the H2 database that is shipped with SonarQube. It doesn't require any installation. Note that H2 must NOT be used to set up a production instance.