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Upgrade from 0.1 to 0.2 or later

If you upgrade from 0,.1 to 0.2 or later you'll need to run a new analysis to see the widgets of authors activity and commits per author.


Ignoring / merging authors

Since version 0.3, the plugin allows you to set an a list of authors to ignore (sonar.scm-stats.authors.ignore) and  and a list of synonyms to merge author names (sonar.scm-stats.authors.merge).
If you want to set them using the project / global settings then add one author (ignored or merged) in each value.
If you want to pass them as analysis arguments then you have to add the comma (,) between authors.
Example for ignored authors: -Dsonar.scm-stats.authors.ignore=author1,author2,author3
Example for ignored authors: -Dsonar.scm-stats.authors.merge="author1=author;AUTHOR1,author2=author22;Author2;authOr2"

Perforce Configuration

Perforce is supported since version 0.3 and you need to set the Client Spec name property (sonar.scm-stats.perforce.clientspecin order to be able to get scm stats