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The JANINO code repository is accessible through anonymous SVN. The location URL is You have to check out the following ECLIPSE projects:


If these ECLIPSE projects appear without any errors, then you can build the JAR file by executing the "janino-dist build.xml build" external tool configuration.



The following guidelines must be obeyed by all contributors. (Why? Because I'm the despot, that's why.)


Stick to the existing formatting style:

  • Always use four blanks to indent. NEVER use TABs.
  • Fold long lines like this:

    Code Block
    return (
        + '$'
        + ++this.localClassCount
        + '$'
        + localTypeName
  • Long lines of code are not a shame if they are properly folded and thus perfectly readable.
  • If a piece of code is used only once, don't put it in a method.
  • If a piece of code is used more than once, put it in a method.
  • Prefer simple techniques over elegant, but complicated ones. E.g. don't define complex type hierarchies if a simple alternative exists.
  • Don't comment the obvious.
  • Comment everything that is not obvious. E.g., comment briefly what the following ten complex lines of code do. Write useful JAVADOC for every public class and member.
  • Don't make changes unless there is a good reason. E.g. don't reformat portions of code. Keep in mind that someone someday has to merge this code.