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  1. Install SonarQube
  2. Install the plugin by copying the initial JAR file to /extensions/plugins
  3. Edit the Enable the development mode :
    1. If SonarQube 3.x : edit the file war/sonar-server/WEB-INF/web.xml and set the context-params rails.env to development and jruby.max.runtimes to 3.
    2. If SonarQube 4.x : edit conf/ and add the line
  4. Edit the file war/sonar-server/WEB-INF/config/environment.rb and set the absolute path to your ruby application by replacing the property config.plugin_paths :

    Code Block
    #config.plugin_paths << "#{Java::OrgSonarServerUi::JRubyFacade.getInstance().getServerHome()}/temp/ror"
    config.plugin_paths << '/absolute/path/to/sonar-foo-plugin/src/main/resources/org/sonar/ror'
  5. Start server