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New issues


Number of new issues.

New xxxxx issues


Number of new issues with severity xxxxx, xxxxx being blocker, critical, major, minor or info.



Number of issues.

xxxxx issues


Number of issues with severity xxxxx, xxxxx being blocker, critical, major, minor or info.

False positive issuesfalse_positive_issuesNumber of false positive issues
Open issuesopen_issuesNumber of issues whose status is Open
Confirmed issuesconfirmed_issuesNumber of issues whose status is Confirmed
Reopened issuesreopened_issuesNumber of issues whose status is Reopened

Weighted issues


Sum of the issues weighted by the coefficient associated to each severity (Sum(xxxxx_violations * xxxxx_weight)).
To set the weight of each severity, log in as an administrator, go to Settings > General Settings > General > General and set the Rules weight property. The default value is:
( (Blocker_violatons * 10) + (Critical_violations * 5) + (Major_violations * 3) + Minor_violations )

Rules compliance


Rules compliance index (RCI) = 100 - (Weighted issues / Lines of code * 100)
If the value is negative, it is rounded to 0%. 

Technical debtsqale_indexEffort in days to fix all issues in days.


BlockerOperational/security risk: This issue might make the whole application unstable in production. Ex: calling garbage collector, not closing a socket, etc.
CriticalOperational/security risk: This issue might lead to an unexpected behavior in production without impacting the integrity of the whole application. Ex: NullPointerException, badly caught exceptions, lack of unit tests, etc.
MajorThis issue might have a substantial impact on productivity. Ex: too complex methods, package cycles, etc.
MinorThis issue might have a potential and minor impact on productivity. Ex: naming conventions, Finalizer does nothing but call superclass finalizer, etc.
InfoNot known or yet well defined security risk or impact on productivity.