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This will start Jetty running on port 8080 and serving your project. Jetty will continue to run until the plugin is explicitly stopped, for example, by a <cntrl-c>. You can also use the mvn jetty:stop command.

It is extremely convenient to leave the plugin running because it can be configured to periodically scan for changes and automatically redeploy the webapp. This makes the development cycle much more productive by eliminating the build and deploy steps: you use your IDE to make changes to the project and the running web container will automatically pick them up, allowing you to test them straight away.


  • systemProperties Optional. These allow you to configure System properties that will be set for the execution of the plugin. More information can be found on them at Setting System Properties.
  • systemPropertiesFile Optional. This is a file containing System properties that will be set for the execution of the plugin. They will not override any system properties that have been set on the command line, by the JVM, or in the POM via systemProperties. Available from Jetty 6.1.15rc4


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