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Contributing to Jetty

titleJetty @ Eclipse

Since 2009, development on the core of jetty has moved to Eclipse. You are also welcome to contribute to jetty there by following the instructions for contributors.

All contributions are welcome and may come in many forms:

  • Code contributions and patches
  • Feedback (good and bad) is a most valuable contribution.
  • Bug reports raise on JIRA
  • Ideas discussed on the mailing list.
  • acknowledgment on the Jetty Powered page.

How to contribute

  1. Get involved on the mailing lists and irc
  2. Read the jetty License
  3. Read/sign the Contributor License
  4. Learn the Jetty Coding Standards
  5. Browse JIRA for things to do
  6. Learn to Build Jetty from Source
  7. go for it!
Contact the core Jetty developers at
private support for your internal/customer projects ... custom extensions and distributions ... versioned snapshots for indefinite support ... scalability guidance for your apps and Ajax/Comet projects ... development services from 1 day to full product delivery