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defines the pack name


takes yes or no and specifies whether the pack must be installed (yes) or is optional (no)


optional. Lets you make the pack targeted to a specific operating system, see OS Restrictions.


optional. Lets you choose whether the pack is selected for installation by default or not. Possible values are yes and no. A pack which is not preselected needs to be explicitly selected by the user during installation to get installed


can be used so that the files are not located in the installer Jar. The possible values are true or false, the default being false. The author of this feature needed to put his application on a CD so that the users could run it directly from this media. However, he also wanted to offer them the possibility to install the software localy. Enabling this feature will make IzPack take the files on disk instead of from the installer. Please make sure that your relative files paths are correct!


this attribute is used to give a unique id to the pack to be used for internationalization via packsLang.xml file


this attribute is used to reference a unique resource that represents the pack's image for the ImgPacksPanel. The resource should be defined in the <resources> element of the installation XML using the same value for the id attribute of the <res> element.


an id of a condition which has to be fullfilled to install this package


takes true or false and specifies whether the pack shall be shown in the packs panel. The size of a hidden pack will be used to calculate the required space, but the pack itself won't be shown. A hidden pack can be preselected or selected conditionally. For the latter, you have to specify a condition. The default for this attribute is false.


optional. Specifies the size of the pack, in bytes. If not specified, the size will default to the sum of all file lengths in the pack. Since 5.0

installGroupsoptional. A comma separated list of groups, see InstallationGroupPanel for using them.
uninstalloptional. If set "true", the according pack gets into the uninstaller's list of files to be uninstalled. This attribute has effect just in case of <uninstaller write="true"/>. Default: true

Nested Elements

<singlefile> - Adding/renaming a Single Pack File