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titleVersion status: 0.6.0 for T5.4, 0.5.1 stable for T5.3, 0.4.6 stable for T5.2 and 0.2.2 for T5.1

tapestry-security module is based on and depends on Apache Shiro. 0.4.1 depends on Apache Shiro 1.2.0, earlier versions depend on 1.1.0
Critical issues will be fixed for 0.4.x, feature development only for 0.5.x versions. Versions before 0.4.0 are not maintained anymore.
0.4.0 introduced fully Tapestry-style configuration and performance improvements.


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Apache Shiro, the security framework that tapestry-security is based on, is modular and extensible, but to get started, you need to understand just three key Shiro concepts: realms, filters and security configuration. A realm is responsible for authenticating and authorizing users, so you at least need to configure a ready-made realm, or, if you are authenticating users against your own custom database, likely need to implement your own custom realm. Typically, in your AppModule you provide a realm configuration such as: