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Table of Contents



  • the metric you are interested in
  • whether the alert will be checked against the current value of the measure or the variation of this measure
  • an operator (is greater than, is less than, etc.)

You will also need to specify at least one of:

  • the value that will trigger a warning
  • the value that will trigger an error

Alert changes will be applied during the next analysis. When a project crosses an alert threshold in either direction (either to raise an alert or to lay one to rest) an alert event is recorded on the project.

Metrics that have crossed an alert threshold will be highlighted in filters and on dashboards with gold or red, depending on whether they're at the warning or error stage:

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Projects with active alerts will also be marked in filters with a yellow alert icon, as shown at left, above.

A summary of active alerts is available in the Alerts widget:

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Alerts are not inherited from parent profiles.

Assigning a Project to a Quality Profile