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Comment: added dependency to ant-launcher.jar (which seems to be essential for even simple ant scripts only using <echo>-task


Code Block
    <res id="AntActionsSpec.xml" src="myInstallSpecs/MyAntActionsSpec.xml" />

<jar src="jar/ant.jar" stage="both"/>
<jar src="jar/ant-launcher.jar" stage="both"/>
<jar src="jar/customtasks.jar" stage="both"/>

    <listener classname="AntActionInstallerListener" stage="install" />
    <listener classname="AntActionUninstallerListener" stage="uninstall" />


  • the AntActionsSpec.xml resource determines the Ant tasks to be executed. The base path of src is the installation project path.
  • the <jar/> element specifies jar dependencies required to execute the Ant tasks. At a minimum, this must include the Ant ant jar and ant-launcher.jar.
  • the <listeners> element is used to hook execution of the Ant tasks into the installer and uninstaller