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Gant is on the move.  In fact, has moved: it has become a project in its own right and has its own space --

 During the change over phase, all the attachments will remain here and be on the Gant pages.

Gant is currently at version 0.3.3, it requires Groovy version 1.0 or later. The following downloads are available:


Source Distribution

Binary Groovy 1.0 Distribution

Binary Groovy 1.1 RC 1 Distribution

Binary Groovy 1.1 beta 3 Distribution






Zip File

Unofficial Ubuntu/Debian package for Gant0.3.3 for Groovy 1.1: gant-

The Groovy 1.1-beta-3 distribution may work with Groovy 1.1-beta-2, but it is unlikely to work with Groovy 1.1-beta-1.

There is a file README_Install.txt in the distribution.

Russel Winder