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Include Page
  • Gant : a build tool for scripting Ant tasks using Groovy scripts, no XML.
  • Grails : Groovy-based web framework inspired by Ruby on Rails
  • Gram : a simple xdoclet-like tool for processing doclet tags or Java 5 annotations
  • COM Scripting
  • GroovySWT : wrapper around SWT , the eclipse graphical library
  • Wiki Markup
    : accessing through groovy web services
  • GSP : Groovy server pages
  • GSQL : accessing databases through Groovy
  • Process : handling external processes
  • XML-RPC : RPC over HTTP really easily
  • Jabber-RPC: RPC over Jabber based instant messaging systems (including Google Talk)
  • Wiki Markup
    : Use the Google Data APIs easily from within Groovy
  • GORM : Grails Object-Relational Mapping
  • Groovy Monkey: Eclipse Monkey port to Groovy with some enhancements.

Enjoy making your code groovier !!!!