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  • snapshot creation operation: a project is being modified, it needs to be marked as a snapshot
  • snapshot promotion operation: project is approved into production - all dependents (not dependencies) should be modified as well
  • operations are SCM aware: we should be able to control whether operation should affect all (some?) active branches and non checked out dependents

Licensing support 

In the enterprise it is very important to know and quickly access the license of any project. Licence may have a version, it may be just another, specially designated dependency that resolves into either a predefined set of known licenses or a new URI for the license?

A clean separation "internal project" vs. "external dependency" might be desirable. We can do it by, say, groupId. Is there a need in more granular project attributes?

Enterprise Development cycle
Maybe we should define a reference "enterprise software development cycle" and brainstorm how well Maven supports various aspects of it? Normally we always stopped at unit tests, completly ignoring QA/regression testing, saying: OK - it may happen behind the seen and then - by miracle - project is released; version may or may not change. Well - this is not going to fly if you try to sell it to a big company's software development management; first question will be: how does it support my real cycle?